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Your Music
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The Best Music from the 60's, through todays hits

Welcome to JetNetRadio Internet radio station !

JetNetCountry,JetNetRock and JetNetPop are all  internet radio stations under the umbrella of
JetNetRadio. We started with an idea to share the greatest hits from all genres to different people to open there minds to new and exciting music .  We are 100% listener supported and an N.F.P.(Not For Profit) station and all donations and contributions are for the soul purpose of maintaining and growth of the station.

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JetNetRadio is 100% Listener supported, free and open to anyone who wants to listen. Please join our  supporters and keep this tradition alive by making a contribution today.


JetNetRadio is not a 501(3)(c) charity. Contributions are not tax-deductible. We are a N.F.P.(Not For Profit) station and all donations and contributions are for the soul purpose of maintaining and growth of the station. We want to thank everyone for your help keeping us on the air.

JetnetRadio Is solely for entertainment purpose's only  for the enjoyment or our listeners and is in no way is or clams to be a commercial internet radio station

The Personal Touch

JetNetRadio is run by a person, not a machine. When you listen, you're hearing hand-picked music that shaped the decades of the 60's 70.s 80,s 90,s to today here you will re-discover your favorite classic rock, pop, country and alternative hits of today.

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      Chat box Guidelines:

1...We here at JetNetRadio ask that if you are a "DJ" at another station or have "DJ" in front of you name that you would politely remove the "DJ" from the front part of you screen name so not to confuse our listeners

2...We ask all visitors’ to ether participate in the chat or please tune into the station at http://jetnetradio.com if you choose not to participate in chat or listen to our station then a ban will be attached to your user name. Sorry for any inconvenience.

3...We do not allow spamming,recruiting or links of any kind that promote other sites or solicitation of other sites, product's or services ether in the main chat room or in private chat.

4...Harassment, heckling or excessive vulgarity and or verbal abuse  will not be permitted in the main chat room or in private chat at any time.

5...We will not permit the start and or the execution of gossip “He Said” ”She Said” and or ”I heard it from” are all catalyst for rumor and gossip which is not allowed in public and or private chat
at any time

6...We will not permit Irrelevant emergency or none emergency situations and or circumstances (CALL FOR HELP) in the main or private chat rooms. we ask that you notify the proper authority's need to correct you situation

7... DJ's are responsible for the own plays list and or content played (request are that request!!!) and may or may not be played during a DJ's set or show we will do the best we can (some programming may prevent request from being played ) sorry for any inconvenience

8...If you are interested in becoming a moderator or a DJ you may contact us on our contact page or feel free to fill out the appropriate application thank you  

Here at JetNetRadio we want everyone to have a great time so remember we are here to have fun chat and listen to some great music (enjoy ) and thank you for joining us.