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Hello and welcome to "Jet Net Radio"
Thank you for considering becoming a staff member with us here at “Jet Net Radio”. We are proud of our on air talent and our staff at “Jet Net Radio”.

Jet Net Radio” Does have a small compensation and bonus package for  time or work performed.

No experience is need. But a drive to learn and or expand your experience or knowledge  and have fun is required.

(We supply software and training needed ) 
Minimum Requirements (minimum requirements must be met for consideration)

A.. A Computer Running Windows 7 or higher
B.. A high speed internet connection ( Dsl,Cable,ISDN or Optic Fiber Line )
C.. Skype  Account
D.. Basic Computer Knowledge 
E.. Music Library (Formats: mp3 )
F.. A Mic (Condenser or Dynamic )  your choice And A Head Set 
H..Team Viewer software (We supply software)
I.. You must be willing to have Jet Net Radio Tec support access your computer for the  proper setup , installation and training of software via “Team Viewer”

We are looking forward to receiving you application and speaking to you about the current positions available. Thank you:   “Jet Net Radio”… Management Team

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